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In a world that’s dominated by Google’s Rank Brain, AI, and constant updates to the search algorithm, conventional forms of keyword research are no longer sufficient. Modern search engines use robots and AI to measure user intent, consequently determining if your website is best suited to the keywords being searched for by its users.

The team Blue Mango Media understands this fact, and that’s why our approach to keyword research like every other aspect of SEO is based on our years of testing and watching Google’s algorithm evolve. Our keyword research is rooted in real-world data, which ensures that your business targets keywords that bring in the most qualified traffic that drives up conversions. 

Here is How Our keyword research for SEO Will Set You Up for Success

We Have Loads of SEO and Keyword Research Experience!

Blue Mango Media has been helping clients rank their websites for the right keywords for over a decade. We have a team of dedicated, and highly talented SEO pros, who understand the nuances associated with ranking websites for a myriad of industries. Our success is proof of the fact that when keyword research is done right, it helps businesses rank high, and quadruples their conversions.

Keywords Custom Tailored to Your Business

Everyone searching for “Dog Training” may not be looking for a dog trainer, unless they search “Dog Trainer in [insert city]”, that little change can make a huge difference for a local dog training service. The goal of our keyword research is to match the searcher’s intent with what the business is selling or offering because when they both are aligned; that’s when success can be guaranteed.

We Understand Your Industry

We have carried out keyword research for hundreds of businesses across dozens of industries in the UK and Australia. Part of ensuring that keyword research is done right is by understanding your business and its industry. So, a lot of time is put into understanding your goals, who you’re targeting and how they will search for a business like yours. Doing all of this ensures that we’re able to narrow down your keywords to the best ones that will give you the most beneficial results.


Your SEO Could Tank Without the Right Keyword Research & Analysis – Here’s Why?

SEO can get you a load of traffic, even for the wrong keywords. Getting the wrong type of traffic will mean a higher bounce rate and conversions that are next to zero! So, all that money spent on SEO is wasted by targeting the wrong keywords or ones with the wrong search intent.

Furthermore, the more keywords you’re targeting, the more expensive your SEO will be and at the end of the day, if it does not result in you making money, then it is a pointless endeavour.

Good keyword research like the one we preach and practise is based on search intent and not necessarily vanity, bragging rights or volume. When you start targeting the right keywords that match search intent, that’s when you start seeing qualified traffic pour in and consequently converting. That’s why keyword research should be the very first step you take before anything else.

How the Pros at Blue Mango Media Find the Best Keywords for You?

Keyword Research & Analysis for us is a multistep process. Unlike other similar services, we don’t hide behind big words like “Proprietary” to refrain from disclosing what you get when you choose us.

We approach keyword research by making a list of all potential industry and business-relevant keyword phrases. The next step is to put them through a multitude of filters to whittle them down to the best ones based on certain criteria. We then apply our experience and understanding of the industry to finalise which keywords will provide our clients with the best return on their investment.

The factors we consider include:

  • The Target Audience – We have an understanding of the characteristics and the search behaviour of the people you’re targeting. Knowing this is important to make sure that the right keywords are chosen so that only highly qualified prospects can be targeted.
  • Factor in Log-Tail Phrases – While long-tail keywords as they are called happen to be lower volume phrases, they are also sometimes the highest converting and hence profitable. That’s why we need to consider these phrases.
  • Topical Relevance – Is the keyword you’re targeting relevant to the topic of your website’s content? There is no point getting loads of traffic for a topically irrelevant keyword.
  • Search volume – Volume is another factor we need to consider and, in some cases, the higher, the better. However, we make sure that the higher volume keywords are also topically relevant.
  • Local SEO Research – If you are targeting a local audience, we make sure that the keyword is relevant to them.

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