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What Makes Our Link Building Service Stand Out?

Our experience in building links date back to the early days of SEO when all links would pass juice. Today, securing high-quality ‘do-follow’ links is no easy task. However, it stands to reason that things will be difficult because every company is trying to find and secure the best links for themselves; the difference is that some do it better than others. That’s where we come in!

How Quality Links Work to Boost Your Rankings?

We are often referred to as one of the leading Melbourne link building companies for two main reasons. The first being that we’ve run dozens of highly successful link building campaigns for clients. The second being we’re continuously testing and evolving our strategy to make sure it is compliant with the latest Google updates.

SEO is all about testing, retesting and understanding the results of all that testing! We can assure you that our team understands the power of every link directed to your website. Whether you want to build authority, traffic, or just boost rankings for a keyword, we know exactly what links will work for you.

Search engines like Google use a continuously evolving algorithm that can now, we suspect tell the difference between a bad, average, good, excellent and authority link. So, just having a bunch of links no longer cuts it, you need quality and quantity. Our job is to make sure that you get the links needed to move the needle in the right direction.

Dozens of clients and hundreds of hours of testing links each year makes us one of the leading authorities on link building. We know that Google only ranks websites with highly relevant backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites. Furthermore, quality backlinks add to the authority of your website, since each link is seen as a vote the more quality links equal higher rankings, it’s just that simple!

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We Only Use Safe Link Building Methods

As a link building company in Melbourne, we are aware that link building has gotten a lot of bad press as of late. Many businesses may consider it a “shady” or “black hat” tactic, which is to be avoided altogether. In reality, not building links is the biggest mistake you can make. But we aren’t talking regular low-quality links but links that are authoritative, from real websites in your niche.

While Google has changed a lot of their ground rules when it comes to link building over the years, links still count. Look at any top-ranking website in your niche, and it is apparent that the website has a load of quality backlinks, which is helping it rank.

The key to safe and effective link building Melbourne is to find an agency like ours that understands how to build quality links that increase rankings. An agency that lives and breathes link building and has been doing so for years!

Content and backlinks are two pills of a great SEO strategy. So, if you don’t have the resources to dedicate towards building high-quality, relevant links, i.e. link building, then you will most certainly fall behind the competition.

We have secured hundreds if not thousands of links for our clients over the years. Our custom link building Melbourne service is based on making sure that your website gets not only quality links but ones that are relevant to your industry.

Leave the link building to us and watch your traffic grow!

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