Our In-Depth Website Audit Highlights What’s Going Wrong and Where!

Want to know why your website isn’t raking despite doing everything by the book? You want to ensure that your website is 100% healthy before kicking off a major link building campaign? Then you’ll want to start with our complete website audit & SEO Optimisation.

Our in-depth website audit dives deep down into every subdirectory of your website to root out potential issues that could sabotage your SEO efforts. In 80% of the cases, fixing these issues will make it exponentially easier to rank if not improve your ranking.

Even the Best Websites Can Do with Some Improvement

We know from experience that even a top-performing website can be improved upon further with an in-depth audit. Your website is the hub of all your digital marketing efforts, and so it has to be optimised to perform optimally since it is a big part of the user experience. 404s, missing header tags, descriptions, and even incorrect redirection can cause your website to tank in SERPs. At times it may not even be your fault, except for not noticing that something is wrong.

A website audit helps find out what is wrong with a website, and how to fix it so that things improve. We use the latest technology and industry-leading strategies to audit and analyse websites, regardless of their size. Once the audit is complete, you will receive a comprehensive audit report including recommendations which highlights all the areas which are of concern and which areas can be further improved to better performance.

Our Website Audit Covers Numerous Issues that Are Known to Affect Your Performance in SERPs

We often tell clients that the more their website grows the more issues that are maybe going unnoticing. Our SEO website audit takes into account hundreds of on and off-page SEO factors. Below is just a shortlist of what our audit checks and reports amongst others:

On-Page SEO

The quality of your on-page SEO plays a big role in how well you rank. On-page errors, focus keywords, conversion best practices, missing tags etc. can all cause your page not to rank well or rank as well as it should. Our website audit goes through a checklist of issues and reports the problems it finds with your on-page SEO. The report you get is comprehensive and actionable. That means by implementing our recommendations; it is possible to get your website back to its winning ways!

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is often considered 70% of your SEO effort. The goal of off-page SEO is to boost your website’s authority, relevance and overall trustworthiness. Our website Audit & Optimisation service will analyse everything associated with your off-page SEO, and provide you with a detailed report including the quality of the links. Here too you’ll get actionable recommendations which, when implemented, will boost your SEO exponentially.

Your Website’s Performance

While not a huge part of SEO yet, how well your page performs is still considered a ranking factor. For instance, if your pages spew up errors on specific browsers, or it isn’t properly accessible on mobile devices, or if it does not scale properly, all of this can and will negatively affect your SEO. Our website audit inspects and reports on these and other things that could be going wrong with your website without realising it.

seo audit report

You Receive a Comprehensive Audit Report

You’ll only be able to benefit from an SEO website audit if the report is actionable and easy to understand. That’s why we’ve over the years worked hard to ensure that the report you are sent marks the most high-priority issues, medium priority issues and low priority issues.

As the website or business owner, we suggest that you start by fixing all the high-priority issues, followed by the medium priority ones. If you can’t fix these issues yourself then here too, we can help you.

Why Choose Blue Mango Media’s Website Audit?

Here are some reasons to choose our audit over others:

  • We don’t just use an automated system that generates a report for you. Our reporting is thorough, and we personally go through a manual checklist too.
  • Our team has years of experience running manual and automated audits.
  • Compared to professional automated SEO audit tools our audit are more comprehensive.
  • If required, we’ll discuss the results of the audit with you.
  • We audit websites of all sizes and from all industries.

Our Website Audit is Faster, Smarter and More Comprehensive

Get an expert, unbiased opinion on what is and what isn’t performing and fix it today. Call us today to learn more about our website audit and how we can help your website’s ranking improve!