Our Content Writing Melbourne Service Ensures You Get Search Optimised Content that Converts!

Writing quality content that helps you convert is difficult enough but throw SEO into the mix, and it can become near impossible. Search optimised content needs to tread the thin line between readable, convertible content and ensuring that it is keyword optimised for search engines. Not only does it require excellent writing skill but knowledge of SEO, and that’s where Blue Mango Media can help you!

Whether it is website content writing, blog article writing, or guest posts, our expert Melbourne copywriters double as SEO experts, producing content that’s always search optimised! Plus we make sure that it is conversion focused.

The Quality of Your Content Directly Affects SEO

Search engines like Google want websites to publish quality content; hence the cliché “Content is King”. While Google still can’t make out exactly what you’re selling, (which is where SEO comes in), it can tell the difference between good and low-quality content. Furthermore, so can the people visiting your website, nobody sticks around to read spammy content. So, the higher the quality of your content, and the more it matches the visitor’s intent, the longer people will stay on your website, and eventually convert….its that simple!

Our website content writing and blog content writing goes beyond good; it is excellent. Not only is it well researched and written but optimised for search engines. That way, it gets indexed sooner and stands a higher chance of being ranked. As a matter of fact, 99% of the content we’ve produced over the years has ranked very well with the right on-page and off-page SEO strategies in place. Not to mention that they have helped clients improve their conversions tremendously.

Conversion Focused Content

The content on your website should serve a purpose, and if that purpose isn’t served, then the content isn’t working for you. The purpose of the content on your home page, for instance, can be to collect leads, sell a product, or to get a call. Regardless of the goal, the content needs to be geared towards walking a visitor through the entire sales funnel to eventual conversion.

Writing conversion-focused content is difficult, to say the least. However, using our years of experience writing sales pages and squeeze pages, we know what works. That’s why all web page content we write is with a specific goal in mind. As it turns out, having a goal in mind when drafting content is the best way to ensure a higher conversion rate and to lower the current bounce rate.

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